Bespoke Software Development

We believe that for computing to be effective it must be an integral and natural part of your business operation. It must not impose unreasonable demands but free you to concentrate on making your business more successful.


Information - the most valuable asset of any company, but does it work for you?

For example, can you:
  • identify and nurture your more profitable customers
  • identify those services or products that are losing money
  • reduce stock holding by managing your customers' order cycles
  • monitor progress from enquiry to sale without missing any opportunity
  • reduce clerical effort by linking sales to stock replenishment to supplier ordering?
From simple name and address lists to full-blown business systems:

We have developed many integrated commercial applications - order processing, stock management, accounts receivable, credit control, purchasing, statistics, production control, quality assurance, to name a few.

We have developed specialised applications - operations default reporting, hazardous product management, commodity finance management, manufacturing QA, maintenance scheduling, consumer rewards, property management, and others.

For more information on bespoke software development please contact us on 01494 863172 or email us.

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