Computing Strategy and Planning

Computers have become a necessary part of modern business operations. The power and pricing of equipment provide opportunities to run a diversity of applications. But it can be confusing when trying to determine what will be most effective for your company.

Your business needs to grow and diversify but do you really need to invest in more computing?

Will computing actually improve certain business functions or just be a cost without a real return?

An off-the-shelf package or a bespoke development - which will have the greater impact upon your business operation?

We have worked with many of our customers to help them determine a realistic use of computing - even in some cases recommending that they should retain certain manual systems.

We have evaluated packaged systems, short listed candidates, and then supervised the installation of the chosen solution.

Operating independently of hardware and software manufacturers we offer impartial and objective advice.

For more information on computing strategy and planning please contact us on 01494 863172 or email us.

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