About Us

Landaur Ltd was founded in January 1995.

Our focus is to assist our customers gain the greatest advantage from their computing, management and staff:

We believe that businesses need a trustworthy partner who talks their language, who understands the pressures upon modern business operations and who can be completely relied upon to handle the effective integration of practical computing with their day-to-day work.

We place our emphasis upon the business need rather than technological 'gloss'. We work with our customers to identify whether, and how, effective computing will assist the success of their business and help to improve their profitability.

Our services range from simple advice and guidance, through the preparation and delivery of a computing strategy matched to the published business plan, to the design, supply and implementation of a full business process across a network of computers. We also provide a support service to ensure that our solutions continue to deliver what they are designed to deliver, and that our customers continue to gain the greatest advantage from their systems.

We take pride in our designs, ensuring that our solutions are easy to use, make sense, and operate as an integral part of the business function.

Landaur is an ISO9000 registered company. For more information please contact us on 01494 863172 or email us.

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